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Causes of Deterioration

Mineral Encrustation
: Mineral deposits will accumulate and plug the well screen, gravel pack and native sand and gravel.
Biofouling: Since wells have significant amounts of iron, the Bacteria have a ready available source of food. An iron bacterial slime can cause complete and almost sudden loss of Specific Capacity.
Sand Production: The Migration of very fine particles the well can be restrained by the gravel pack, this accumulation can create a mechanical blockage.

Water Well Rehabilitation

Water wells require periodic maintenance to maintain their efficiencies (Specific Capacity). The Specific Capacity of a well is it's yield per unit of drawdown over a given unit of time. It is typically expressed as gallons of water per minute per foot of drawdown (gpm/ft). Well rehabilitation is the art of thoroughly  cleaning the well screen, gravel pack, and the natural formation to raise the specific Capacity to as high a value as possible. A new and properly developed well should have an efficiency approaching 100 percent.


Cleaning Methods

Static Tank Flush: The lest effective method because you are not employing a mechanical agitation or pressure to assist in the breakdown and dispersion of encrustations or sand production.

Twin Disk Surge Process: Twin disk surge equipment is lowered into the well and operated in an up and down motion in the casing and screen. this is similar to a piston in a cylinder. On the down stroke, water is forced outward into the formation. Water, silt and fine sand are then pulled into the well during the upstroke. Air is then used to lift the sediment out of the well.

High velocity injection well cleaning: This process utilizes an integral 3,600 gallon tank and can inject chemicals at infinitely variable rates up to 5,000 gallons per minute. In conjunction with the High Velocity Injection equipment, custom  blends of chemicals are used for each type of well and well treatment. The specific blend is determined by the results obtained after the well is given a mineral analysis of its yielded ground