The Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center is Kentucky’s largest water quality treatment center.

The plant is designed to treat 120 MGD dry weather flow and up to 350 MGD wet weather flow. In addition, the plant also handles all of the solids processing for the smaller treatment plants in Metro Louisville.


The 11,500-square-foot, standalone building replaced the existing lab that was apart of the plant’s original administration building and is less than one-quarter the size of the new lab. National Water provided the state-of-the art testing equipment and other equipment that went into the building, including incubators, cold storage spaces for samples and other instrumentation. The building also has a pressurized ventilation system designed to keep any contaminants from the soil beneath the foundation slab from entering the lab.

The plant is located at 4522 Algonquin Parkway, in western Louisville along the Ohio River. It is a high purity oxygen activated sludge process facility that produces approximately 70 to 80 tons of biosolids per day that is sold and distributed as Louisville Green.