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Some believe that fresh water will be a critical limiting resource for many areas in the near future. Almost 1/3 of the world’s population is living in an area that is under some type of water stress. In Asia, where water has always been regarded as an abundant resource, per capita availability declined between 40% and 60% from 1955 to 1990. Projections suggest that most Asian countries will have severe water problems by year 2025. It is a known fact that over 95% of the world’s fresh water supply consists of ground water and that less then 5% is surface water. A scientific approach by an experienced hydrologist is essential to any investigation searching for a potential source of ground water.


Geologic and Hydrologic Studies

The search for industrial and municipal ground water begins with a review of existing published literature and well logs, which are gathered from state and federal agencies. Topographic, Geologic, and Hydrologic maps are studied and compared with existing information to select a specific test drilling site.