Proper well maintenance is as important as a good well design.

Most well failures may be attributed to negligence and lack of preventive maintenance. Among the conditions that can damage a well are:
1: Over pumping and/ or improper pumping rates.
2: Failure to periodically check for abnormal drawdown.
3: Failure to maintain pumping equipment.
4: Failure to keep accurate records of yields and drawdown for each well.

Why-Well Field Management?

It is a known fact that over 95% of the world’s fresh water supply consists of ground water, so with the ever increasing demands and competition placed upon our ground water resources, it’s becoming extremely important that ground water supplies be properly developed, managed and maintained to achieve maximum use.

Presently, about 450 billion gallons of water are used daily in the United States. While our water use continues to increase, the amount available does not.

To meet there growing demands, National Water Services, LLC provides a total turnkey “Well Field Management” program to a variety of clients, and it is coordinated to avoid disruption of manufacturing schedules. Many benefits are derived from such a service:
1: Maintaining well yields by periodic inspection of wells.
2: Proper acid cleaning or revitalization of wells when needed.
3: Consultation services of hydrogeologist and engineers.
4: Routine maintenance of pumps and motors.
5: Inventory of replacement parts for pumps and motors.
6: Routine inspection and maintenance reports to client.
7: 24-hour a day emergency service.

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